3D molecular imaging of solvation layers
Electrochemical sensing of biomolecules
Mapping the nanoscale charge conduction pathways
CdTe photodetector with record-high detectivity
Quantum transport in a 2D superlattice

Welcome to Prof. Yingjie Zhang’s research lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We study the interfacial science of materials, with the goal of: 1) understanding the fundamental atomic and molecular scale processes at interfaces, such as charge storage, electrochemical transformation, and catalysis; 2) bringing solutions to the society, in areas of energy conversion and storage, information technology, and healthcare.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, spanning over areas of materials/physical chemistry, condensed matter physics, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering. We are always looking for motivated graduate students, postdocs, and undergrads to join us.