Our lab has received a National Science Foundation CAREER award! The project, titled “CAREER: Elucidating the Correlative Interfacial Solvation, Nucleation, and Growth Processes in Battery Electrolytes“, will receive $661,936 funding from NSF in the coming five years. Thank NSF for the support!


We have combined machine learning with atomic force microscopy to perform precise nano-profilometry. The paper has been published in Nano Letters and selected as a journal cover! Also check out the news release in the MatSE department and the MRL.


Our group is part of the new NSF Science and Technology Center for Quantitative Cell Biology! Thank NSF for the support, and we look forward to working with colleagues in this uncharted territory!

Award abstract:

NSF news:

Beckman Institute news release:


Yingjie received a travel grant from the Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry Division of The Electrochemical Society to attend the 244th ECS Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden. Thank ECS for the support!


Qian received the Racheff Teaching Fellowship for Fall 2023!


Lalith received the TechnipFMC Fellowship for the 2023-2024 academic year! Congratulations to Lalith and thank TechnipFMC for the support!


Our work on sub-nanometer scale charge density profiling of electrode–electrolyte interfaces has been published at ACS Nano!


Our work on deciphering the structural descriptor of interfacial ionic liquids has been published at The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!


Jae received PPG-MRL Graduate Fellowship Award for 2022-2023! Congratulations to Jae and thank PPG for the support!


Kaustubh has been selected as one of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) for the 2022-2023 academic year, and will embark on the journey of training for next-generation professors!


Our lab received an NSF grant on integrated experiment-theory studies of carbon electrode-electrolyte interfaces! This is an international collaboration with Prof. Yingjie Zhang serving as the lead PI. Co-PIs include Profs. Narayana Aluru (UT Austin), Amir Farrokh Payam (Ulster University, Northern Ireland), and Niall English (University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland). Thank NSF for supporting our work!


Our work on spectroscopic investigation of the electric double layers of a pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid is published in The Journal of Chemical Physics! It is also selected as the cover of the journal!


Our lab received a three-year $425,000 grant from AFOSR on ionic liquids and electrocatalysis! Thank the U.S. Air Force for the support!

Illinois MatSE news:


Our lab won the 2021 Beckman Young Investigator Award! Thank the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation for the support!

Award announcement at the Beckman Foundation:

Summary of our proposed research:

News by the Grainger College of Engineering and the MatSE Department:

News at the Materials Research Lab:


Our paper on Bi2Te3-based electrochemical sensors is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! Here is the featured news from the MatSE department.


Our work on molecular imaging of electrochemical solid-liquid interfaces is published in ACS Nano! Here is the featured news from the MatSE department.


Kaustubh was awarded the TechnipFMC Fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations to Kaustubh, and thank TechnipFMC for the recognition and support! Here is the MatSE news.


Our group has received the ACS PRF Doctoral New Investigator Award. Thank ACS for the support! Here is the MatSE news on the award.


Our paper on magnetotransport in graphene strain superlattices is published in Applied Physics Letters:


Our paper on nanomechanical mapping of wrinkled membranes is published at ACS Applied Nano Materials:


Our paper on imaging the molecular charge memory effects is published at ACS Applied Nano Materials:


The Zhang lab started!


Our work on two-dimensional superlattices is published in npj 2D Materials and Applications! Here is the featured news from the Illinois MRSEC.


Our work on two-dimensional membrane deformation is published in Nano Letters! Here is the featured news from the Materials Research Laboratory at UIUC.